More like a Refreshment Architect! Our Business & Support Functions include Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, Planning, Public Affairs and Communications, Pricing,  Administrative, and more!

Working behind the scenes, these teams build and pave the ways for our frontline associates to do what they do best - make, market and distribute the Coca-Cola brands!   

Can’t have the pop without the fizz!

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More like a Bringer of Happiness!  Our Delivery & Merchandising Teams are our frontline ambassadors. 

Whenever you see one of our shiny red trucks rolling down the road, there is a Driver who is passionate about making sure all of our iconic products get to their local retailer or restaurant.  Our product displays are executed with perfection by a Merchandiser who works hard to help our customers keep Coca-Cola products stocked, on the shelves and available for everyone to enjoy.

Delivering our product and stocking the shelves is a BIG job!  Refreshing opportunities await!

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More like a Chief Refreshment Engineer!  Satisfying our nation’s thirst requires a coordinated effort of a highly skilled team.

Our manufacturing group is responsible for mixing, filling, and packaging the world’s most famous beverage. They also oversee quality testing of product and maintenance of all equipment.  The Equipment Services Team ensures that equipment is always ‘up and running’ and operating at the highest levels while providing a flawless service experience for our customers.

Exciting, isn’t it!?!

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More like a Refreshment Guru! Our Sales and Customer Care Teams proudly represent our brands to create, develop and nurture customer relationships. They are the eyes and ears in the markets we serve.

Our Sales Team ensures accurate promotions and product placement throughout a variety of outlets and provide expertise to our customers and help us grow the business.  Our Customer Care Team resolves requests, up-sells, cross-sells and introduces new brands.

Together they deliver on our mission: to be the fastest growing consumer brands business in Canada. Thirsty for success?  Drive sparkling results with us!

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More like a Refreshment Deployment Strategist!  Our warehouse is the heartbeat of our operations and it takes dedicated employees working in a fast-paced environment to organize, assemble and load our customer orders onto our shiny red trucks for a safe delivery. 

Our Warehouse, Supply Chain & Logistics Teams work in close partnership with our Sales, Production, Delivery and Merchandising Teams to ensure our customers consistently receive accurate orders and our level of service exceeds our customers’ expectations. 

How refreshing is that?

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More like a Refreshment Flavor in the Making!  Whether you’re a graduate or undergraduate looking for business experience, or you’re simply looking for some extra income, our paid internships, part-time positions and summer jobs will provide the first sip to Coca-Cola Canada Bottling Limited. Our Students and Interns work with the brightest and best in the industry.  Develop your career, build skills and create relationships that could last a lifetime.

Join us and flavor your career!

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